Back then, happiness was there.

Bad haircut?
Learn from him.

“I’d rather hear “I don’t like you” than be ignored.”


Story of my life. 4 years ago when I seriously started my fitness journey I was eating only 900 calories a day, working out for 3 hours daily at the gym, eating whatever i wanted, no vitamins, and highly addicted to… ICE CREAM ♥. It was a terrible combination, the culmination of it all was acne, fatigue, fainting spells, and worst of all… no progress. Everyone’s body is different. And its important to spend some time the first few weeks of any new regimen seeing what works best for YOUR body, consulting a physician, and /or following the nutrition guideline thats specific to your workout.

Update from 4 years ago till now, Im consuming 1400 calories, workout for only 25 minutes, 5 days a week. I cut out refined and processed sweets during those 5 days (as they hurt my stomach), and limit cheat meals to weekends with moderation. This has worked for me!

What does your fitness journey look like?

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It feels good to be here because almost all the picture were raw, no edit or filter (some maybe filtered, but not all).
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